Schwinn Phocus Road Bike Review

Is The Schwinn Phocus 1400 Road Bicycle A Good Introduction To Road Bikes?

Schwinn Phocus Road Bike

Starting out with a new road bike can be daunting and that is why a simple, stylish model like the Schwinn Phocus road bike is so appealing.

This drop bar road bike is designed to suit most users thanks to its responsive nature and adjustable saddle and has a range of top components in its specification to aid the performance.

These features include the wide range of gears, Shimano A050 shifter, quick release front wheel and a Shimano 14 speed rear derailleur. This product has the makings of a cheap and cheerful road bike but does its simplicity leads to disadvantages?

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Schwinn Varsity Road Bike Review

Schwinn Men's Varsity Carbon Road BikeA Quick Overview of the Schwinn Varsity Road Bike

Those after both performance and value for money need look no further than the Schwinn Varsity Road bike. It comes equipped with a strong carbon fibre-wrapped all aluminium road frame, an aluminium road fork and an alloy ahead stem system with Schwinn road bend handlebars. Performance is further boosted by a Shimano 14-speed drive train and Shimano SORA STI.

Let’s Look at Features of Schwinn Varsity Road Bike


  • Shimano 2200 14-speed drivetrain with Sora STI shifters
  • Men’s road bike with Schwinn carbon fiber wrapped aluminum road frame
  • Alloy ahead stem and Schwinn road bend handlebars
  • Promax dual caliper alloy brakes
  • Aero deep-dish rims mounted with Kenda road tires

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Schwinn Prelude Road Bike Review

Schwinn Prelude – Idea Road Bike for Beginners

A Comfortable and Stable Ride

Schwinn Prelude Road BikeSchwinn, an established, well-recognized brand of bike, has a history that spans back to the early twentieth century. The biking trend that began back then continues today, due in large part to the many bikes that have been manufactured by the Schwinn Company over the years.

The Schwinn Prelude road bike maintains the Schwinn tradition of building quality bikes as this product is one, no doubt, that biking enthusiasts will enjoy riding.

With its drop bar frame made of aluminum, fourteen speed drive train, alloy wheels, padded saddle seat, and dual pivot brakes, cyclers are promised a comfortable and stable ride.

Well-equipped to Meet the Needs of Commuters or Fitness Buffs

As a result, the Schwinn Prelude bicycle is well-equipped to meet the needs of commuters as well as fitness buffs. The A050 shifters on the bike a well as lightweight crank keep you going at a fast pace while pedal straps and clips add to turning and riding efficiency.

Quick and Agile Handling

The fourteen speed Schwinn Prelude road bike is 55 inches long, has a wheel size of 700c, and weighs just over 33 pounds. With a lightweight aluminum frame and road fork for absorbing bumps, you can be assured of quick and agile handling. Easily shift with the bike’s A050 shifters and stay safe with the bike’s dual pivot braking system.

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Schwinn Courier Road Bike Review

The Schwinn Courier Road Bike For Men – Save On Gas And Commute With This Bike Instead

Schwinn Men's Courier Road BikeSchwinn – A Brand Synonymous with Bicycle

Schwinn is a bicycle brand with a long and distinguished history. Founded by Ignaz Schwinn with the financial support of Adolph Frederick William, the Arnold, Schwinn, & Company started making its mark in the bicycle industry in 1895. The timing could not have been better as bicycles were being sold in the millions at the turn of the century.

Single Speed Design

Although short-lived, the trend did not keep Schwinn from becoming one of the well-recognized brands in bicycle manufacturing. The Schwinn Courier road bike is no exception with its single speed design and reliable and strong frame made of aluminum. The bike features 700c wheels, bullhorn handlebars, safe, dual pull-type caliper brakes, and solid double rims. In addition a flip-flop alloy hub gives users options for multiple gearing.

Notable Features

The single-speed men’s Schwinn road bike is designed so you will enjoy a pleasant and smooth ride. Handlebars on the bike, which replace the former drop style handlebars, give bike riders the opportunity to sit upright or lean forward.

The single drive train on the Schwinn Courier road bike features the aforementioned flip-flop hub as well as 44-tooth crank. Soft foam grips and a padded saddle seat make riding the Schwinn courier bike an agreeable cycle on which to work out recreationally. Indeed, many people who have bought the bike can agree with the preceding comment.

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