Schwinn Courier Road Bike Review

The Schwinn Courier Road Bike For Men – Save On Gas And Commute With This Bike Instead

Schwinn Men's Courier Road BikeSchwinn – A Brand Synonymous with Bicycle

Schwinn is a bicycle brand with a long and distinguished history. Founded by Ignaz Schwinn with the financial support of Adolph Frederick William, the Arnold, Schwinn, & Company started making its mark in the bicycle industry in 1895. The timing could not have been better as bicycles were being sold in the millions at the turn of the century.

Single Speed Design

Although short-lived, the trend did not keep Schwinn from becoming one of the well-recognized brands in bicycle manufacturing. The Schwinn Courier road bike is no exception with its single speed design and reliable and strong frame made of aluminum. The bike features 700c wheels, bullhorn handlebars, safe, dual pull-type caliper brakes, and solid double rims. In addition a flip-flop alloy hub gives users options for multiple gearing.

Notable Features

The single-speed men’s Schwinn road bike is designed so you will enjoy a pleasant and smooth ride. Handlebars on the bike, which replace the former drop style handlebars, give bike riders the opportunity to sit upright or lean forward.

The single drive train on the Schwinn Courier road bike features the aforementioned flip-flop hub as well as 44-tooth crank. Soft foam grips and a padded saddle seat make riding the Schwinn courier bike an agreeable cycle on which to work out recreationally. Indeed, many people who have bought the bike can agree with the preceding comment.

Let’s Look at Features of the Schwinn Courier Road Bike

  • Sturdy aluminum road frame
  • Single-speed commuter road bike
  • Alloy flip-flop hub allows for multiple gearing options
  • Bullhorn handlebars offer multiple hand positions
  • Durable Aero double-wall rims
  • Responsive alloy dual-pull caliper brakes
  • Schwinn Courier Dimensions: 67 x 23.5 x 37 inches


Schwinn Courier Road Bike Reviews

Positive Comments

–A Well-constructed Bike

One reviewer said he found the Schwinn Courier road bike to be an excellent product for the price he paid (about $230). Not only was the bike well-constructed, it was also simple to put together. He liked the cover situated over the top portion of the bike’s chain, which kept grease stains off of clothes.

–Corrosion-resistant Parts

Another reviewer, too, was pleased with his purchase commenting that the Schwinn courier bike was well-designed and provided a smooth and comfortable ride. He liked the construction of the cycle, which features sturdy tires and rims and corrosion-resistant parts made of aluminum.

–A Durable and Light Commuter Bike

Because the frame is made of lightweight aluminum, the reviewer said that he felt the bumps in the road just a little bit more. However, he still felt the ride was enjoyable nonetheless.

Schwinn Courier Road BikeHe said he really appreciated the simplistic design of the Schwinn courier bike, which made maintenance all the more simple too.

He said he would recommend this Schwinn model to anyone seeking a durable and light commuter bicycle. Plus, he noted that other bikes similarly priced didn’t even come close to the quality of this Schwinn road bike.

However, he did point out that he didn’t believe the bike was designed for traveling long distances or over dirt paths. He felt that the bike was better suited for riding within the city.

–The Steering was Exceptional

Still yet another consumer commented that the Schwinn road bike provided a smooth and agreeable ride when you considered its economical price. He said the frame was perfectly designed for taller people and that the steering was exceptional. Noting that he was very happy about his selection, he added that he thought the Schwinn courier bike’s price was simply better than any other bike he had considered.

Some Negative Comments

While the aforementioned reviewers were elated with their purchase of the Schwinn Courier bike, only a couple reviewers proved to be the exception. The first reviewer remarked that assembly was easy and he thought the bike had an attractive appearance. However, he did think some of the parts were poorly made. He said his biggest complaint about the bike was with the inner tubes as he had six flats soon after assembly.

However, after further investigation, he found that the real issue was with the strips for the wheel rims, which were too thin to accommodate tire pressure. He said he remedied the problem by buying some tape for the rims. Another reviewer had some problems with the bike’s crank bearings which he said he was resolving with Schwinn.


Overall, the Schwinn Courier Bike Receive a Five-Star Rating

Overall, most people gave the Schwinn courier bike a 5-star rating, pleased with the looks, durability, and affordable price. Negative comments were rare and did not detract from most people’s approval of the product. None of the reviewers had occasion to return the bicycle or make an exchange.

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