GMC Denali Pro Road Bike Review

Some Features of the GMC Denali Pro Road Bike

GMC Denali Pro Road Bike The GMC Denali pro road bike is built with the same conscientious focus GMC has on its trucks. The bike provides a lightweight ride with a durable 22-inch frame made of aluminum and can be easily shifted using its 16-speed drive train.

A good braking system keeps you safe while you ride over rocky terrain or rougher concrete or asphalt as well. Tires are 700c x 25 and come with spokes made of stainless steel and aluminum rims.

The GMC Denali road bike, which is designed for riders around 6 feet tall, allows you to brake and shift, all the while allowing you to keep your hands on the handlebar.

An Aerodynamically Sound Bike

This type of road bike is made so you can go a longer distance and at a fairly fast rate of speed. That’s because the thinner tires and aluminum frame enhance the aerodynamics of GMC Denali road bike. You will like the 16-speed drive train as it offers you the ability to navigate flat surfaces as well as rolling hills and landscapes.

The pricing on the GMC Denali pro road bike is fair too when you consider the sturdy yet lightweight materials that are used in making the frame and the durability of the components .To stay safe while riding the GMC Denali pro road bike, make sure that you carry a bike lock, water bottle, portable pump, and wear a helmet and gloves.

Let’s Look at Features of the GMC Denali Pro Road Bik

  • 16-speed Microshift drivetrain
  • Integrated brake/shift levers
  • High quality lightweight 22-inch aluminum frame
  • Aluminum rims with stainless-steel spokes
  • Dual-pivot brake system
  •  700c x 25 tires
  • GMC Denali Recommended height range: 5′ 9″ to 6′ 1″


GMC Denali Pro Road Bike Reviews

Some Unhappy Customers

Problems with the Inner Tubes

Customer reviews, for the most part, were positive although some consumers could not share in the affirmative comments that were provided by some of the people who bought the bike. For example, one reviewer said that he was initially happy with his purchase of the GMC Denali pro road bike.Unfortunately, he suddenly became beset with a series of difficulties. He said that he had five flat tires in only a two-week span of time.

What’s more, when he was replacing the tires, he discovered that the rims were smaller than the tire size, 700c. He also stated that the bracket bearing on the bottom needed replacement after four months. He concluded his review by saying that the money he spent for inner tubes and repairs made the bike less than affordable.

A Loose Flywheel

Another consumer complained that he rode the GMC road bike for about three weeks and discovered a loose flywheel. He was, needless to say, less than pleased with his purchase too.

Positive Comments about the Bike

You Can Ride the Bike for Long Distances and it Functions Well

Fortunately, though, most reviewers who bought the GMC Denali pro road bike liked their purchase.

GMC Denali Road BikeOne commenter said he drove a vast number of miles before setting pen to paper and reviewing the bike. In fact, when he reviewed the cycle, he had already traveled over 1,500 miles.

He even said he rode a distance of over 100 miles at one time without any mechanical problems. He liked the dual pivot brakes as they functioned well in terms of control and stopping ability.

However, he did suggest that if you were not used to working on a cycle of this caliber that you take the bicycle to a bike shop for assembly. He noted that making adjustments to the brakes and hubs as well as organizing the cables should be left to an experienced bicycle mechanic.

The Bike Maintained a Steady, Fast Speed

Another reviewer said he decided to buy the GMC Denali road bike after finding that comparable bikes were around $400 higher. He said that the bike handled well and that it provided a ride that was comfortable.

He indicated that he was able to maintain a steady speed of about 20 miles per hour so the bike was remarkably fast. He liked the gear system which allowed for easy, convenient shifting.

Overall, a Good Cycle for Anyone who has Never Owned a Road Bike

For the most part, most consumers liked the GMC Denali pro road bike. However, some cyclists had problems with the inner tubes on the bike as well as the flywheel in one case. Nevertheless, many of the reviewers liked the speed and durability of the road bike and felt it was an ideal choice for anyone who either wanted a backup road bike or had never ridden this kind of bike before.

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